02. maj 2012

Special Issue of "Third World Quaterly"

Special Issue: Inequality, Inequity and Identity in India and China


Edited by Ayo Wahlberg and Ravinder Kaur.

Volume 33, Issue 4, 2012

Published By: Routledge

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Introduction: Governing Difference in India and China: an introduction
Ravinder Kaur & Ayo Wahlberg

Imperial Modernity: history and global inequity in rising Asia
David Ludden

Nation's Two Bodies: rethinking the idea of ‘new' India and its other
Ravinder Kaur

China as an ‘Emerging Biotech Power’
Ayo Wahlberg

Post-colonial Renaissance: ‘Indianness’, contemporary art and the market in the age of neoliberal capital
Manuela Ciotti

Making Gujarat Vibrant: Hindutva, development and the rise of subnationalism in India
Tommaso Bobbio

Between Egalitarianism and Domination: governing differences in a transitional society
Swagato Sarkar

Rule through Difference on China's Urban–Rural Boundary
Jesper Zeuthen

‘Winning Hearts and Minds’: emotional wars and the construction of difference
Nandini Sundar

Religion, Secularism and National Development in India and China
Peter van der Veer

Between Party, Parents and Peers: the quandaries of two young Chinese Party members in Beijing
Susanne Bregnbæk