16. januar 2017

Development Subjects and Intransitive and Transitive Forms of Development

As a result of the conference “Rethinking Development Studies in Southeast Asia: State of Knowledge and Challenges” a publication by the same name was evolved. The aim of the publication is to reflect on the current state of development studies within and outside of Southeast Asia.

Professor Oscar Salemink contributed with his article ”Development Subjects and Intransitive and Transitive Forms of Development”. The article explores how “Development” as a field, discourse and practice emerged in a post-World War 2 Europe in need of reconstruction, and how it has influenced the way of conducting support in what once was the development countries. Furthermore the article addresses  different forms of development more specific different forms of sacralization of development throughout the years, and asks how the groups or categories of people who are now objects of development become subjects of development—of their own development.