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Journal of Business Anthropology

Covers of Journal of Business AnthropologyThe Journal of Business Anthropology is an Open Access journal which publishes the results of anthropological research in business organizations and business situations of all kinds. Based on fieldwork, participant observation and more general ethnographic methods, it publishes research articles, book reviews, essays, brief videos, and other works within the field of business, economic, and organizational anthropology.
The Journal of Business Anthropology is edited by Associate Professor Kasper Tang Vangkilde, Tenure Track Assistant Professor Samantha Dawn Breslin, and Associate Professor Simon Lex.

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Read also the news article, from when the Journal of Business Anthropology was handed over to the new editorgroup. 

Tidsskriftet Antropologi 


Tidsskriftet Antropologi is published two times a year and is one of the leading anthropological journals in Scandinavian. The articles are published in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.
The journal is for students, researchers and professionals within the anthropological sphere.
Every issue is based on a specific topic, where current debates are discussed, and further investigations are encouraged.

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Antropologforeningen is a Danish association directed to anthropologists and fellow workers in the field. The functions of the association are to spread the use and knowledge of anthropological research and debate, within the academic sphere.

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