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Maria Eitzinger

Maria Eitzinger


Designing the Future

Applying a Design Anthropological Approach within the Field of Media


The Ph.D. project explores how the application of design anthropology in media houses can contribute to a more nuanced picture of the way consumers/users are understood, as well as investigates how this knowledge can be applied within product development.

Based on an ethnographic fieldwork the Ph.D. project explores how notions of consumption and design, from an anthropological perspective, are brought together and how this combination can create feasible concepts and business opportunities for regional media houses in Denmark. In particular, the methodological aim of the project focuses on how to concretize findings and insights in the form of digital prototypes generated from a design anthropological approach and what knowledge can be drawn from testing those.

As part of my Ph.D., I am connected to a project concerning the Roles and Relations of Regional Media houses, which will be carried out with a small team of anthropologists and interaction designers. While regional media houses are an established part among elderly citizens consumption, they fail to attract an audience group of younger families with kids, which the regional media houses are eager to know more about. The project elaborates on questions equally important for the Ph.D. project, as the consumers /non-consumers, users/ non-users relationship to media platforms stands in the center of both.

This Ph.d. is a collaboration between the Danish School of Media and Journalism: and the Department of Anthropology, Copenhagen University, where Karen Lisa Salamon is my supervisor. The project Roles and Relations of Regional Media houses is financed by Kulturstyrelsen, seven regional media houses and the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

ID: 128715438