Kursusoversigt for merit-, tilvalgs- og åbenuddannelsesstuderende

Her på siden finder du en kort oversigt over de kurser, du har mulighed for at følge på Institut for Antropologi. Du kan læse mere om kursernes indhold, organisering, pensum, tidspunkter m.m. i vores kursuskatalog, kurser.ku.dk. Du kan følge det direkte link:

Specialdesignede kurser 

Institut for Antropologi har udviklet to kurser særligt målrettet eksterne studerende.

Introduction to Anthropology

Udviklet særligt til eksterne studerende. Undervisningen foregår på engelsk.

Anthropology is the study of social and cultural life. Whether looking at child soldiers in West Africa, business tycoons in New York or heroin pushers in Lisbon, anthropologists investigate how people understand and act in their social worlds. We illuminate the world from the inside and show how social formations are shaped and sustained, questioned and conflicted.

This course will introduce students to anthropology. The basic concepts of anthropology will be taught through immersion into specific case-studies from around the world. It will illuminate the different approaches that anthropologists used in order to understand other cultures and societies, and dwell on the theoretical and analytical insights that the subject has yielded. Dealing qualitatively with issues such as globalization, integration, youth, power, poverty and politics the course will provide students with knowledge of an increasingly important subject and supply them with novel perspectives on some of the pressing processes and problems of the current world.

Anthropology: methodology and analysis

Udviklet særligt til eksterne studerende. Undervisningen foregår på engelsk.

Doing anthropological research means submerging oneself into the world of the Other. It is an exploration of peoples' conditions of existence and the lives they live within them. By applying qualitative research designs and methods to social problems and processes, anthropologists investigate cultures and societies, majorities and minorities from within. We make the strange familiar by spending extended periods of time in the field, living with the people we research, interviewing them, observing and participating in their lives. The methodology leads the researcher deep into social worlds in order to reveal the underlying logics of social processes and formations.

This course provides an introduction to ethnographic methods and qualitative research techniques. Focusing on in-depth interviews, focus group interviews, mapping and participant-observation the course will give students an insight into the core methods used in anthropological fieldwork. It will introduce the different techniques that anthropologists use to open up social and cultural worlds, clarify the different types of findings they produce, and dwell on the way they supplement each other. The course will be taught using a combination of text-book material, case-studies and practical exercises, equipping the students with methods that can be used in both academic and everyday life.

Valgfrie modulkurser på Institut for Antropologis bachelor og kandidatuddannelse (7,5 ECTS)

Institut for Antropologi udbyder hvert semester en række valgfrie modulkurser, der er åbne for tilvalgs- og meritstuderende.

Udbuddet af kurser varierer fra semester til semester og kan først ses når lektionskataloget for det pågældende semester lægges ud på kurser.ku.dk. Det sker omkring 1. maj for næstkommende akademiske år.

Du kan finde en oversigt over kursustitler på kurser.ku.dk.