About the project

"Exchanging ‘good’ life – socio-technical imaginaries in a Chinese sperm bank" is a three-year project (2011-2013) funded by the Sapere Aude Young Researcher programme of the the Danish Council for Independent Research (Grant nos. 10-094343 and 10-094341). Based at the Department of Anthropolgy, University of Copenhagen, the project is led by Asian Dynamics Initiative Postdoctoral Research Fellow Ayo Wahlberg. The project consists of the folowing components:

  • an in depth ethnographic study of a Chinese sperm bank led by Ayo Wahlberg
  • an international conference on the social and ethical challenges of sperm banking (Changsha, May 2012) organised in collaboration with the CITIC-Xiangya Reproductive and Genetic Hospital
  • an international conference on Selective Reproductive Technologies (Copenhagen, December 2012) organised in collaboration with the Centre for Medical Science and Technology Studies
  • a Sino-Danish researcher exchange programme which allows Chinese doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to travel to Denmark to study ethical governance of reproductive technologies in Denmark and Europe

On this website you can find information on each of these activities.

Sapere Aude Det Frie Forskningsråd