6. maj 2014

Welcome to five new colleagues

It is a pleasure to welcome five new colleagues at the department:

Henrik Hvenegaard Mikkelsen started April, 1. In a two year post doc position at CESA (Center for Healthy Ageing), the large Nordea funded project in which Bjarke and Susan are also engaged. Henrik’s post doc project is entitled: “Ageing at the Pheriphery. Social Isolation in Times of State Withdrawal”.

Birgitte Bruun (who has submitted her PhD project at the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene) started April, 1. as Scientific Assistant at the 2016 project “Living with Statins - High Cholesterol values in the blood: A Social, Medical and Personal Perspective”, where Bjarke is also involved. Birgitte is employed until 31. December, 2014.
Daniela Lazoroska started on May, 1. as our new PhD fellow (replacing Michael H. Eriksen). Daniela has a MSc in Social Anthropology from Stockholm University and her PhD project is entitled: “Olympics for Whom? Protest, Mega-Planning and Possibility in Rio De Janeiro”.

Simon Westergaard Lex and Thorbjörn Friberg start June, 1. for as post docs (22 months) on the 2016 project entitled ”CoNext: Fertilizing the ground and harvesting the full potential of the new neutron and X-ray research infrastructures” (Karen Lisa Salamon is co-PI on this project). Simon received his PhD degree from the department last year (Industrial PhD with Post Danmark) and Thorbjörn comes from a position as Senior lecturer in social works and organization at Malmø University.

I hope you will enjoy the research and teaching environment – as well as you many new colleagues - at the department.