Seminar: Anthropology on gender and violence with Dr. Holly Porter, London School of Economics

At this seminar we will discuss methodological and analytical challenges, when working on gender and sexual violence with outset in Porters book: 'After Rape: Violence Justice and Social Harmony in Uganda'.

Drawing upon abundant fieldwork and in-depth interviews with almost 200 women, Porter examines issues surrounding wrongdoing and justice and sexual violence and rape among the Acholi people in Northern Uganda. This intricate exploration offers evidence of a complex and nuanced explanation of rape and its aftermath, suggesting a re-imagining of the meanings of post-atrocity justice, whilst acknowledging the role of sex, power and politics in all sexual experiences between coercion and consent.

Porter starts out by laying the ground of discussion with outset in her book, hereafter, discussant Dr. Nanna Schneidermann, postdoc at Oslo and Akershus University, will offer a brief commentary. 

After the presentations the floor is open for questions and discussion. Everybody is welcome! We hope to see both students and staff.