How sounds of neighbors become noise

Anthropologist Sandra Lori Petersen contributes to Danish sound day 2019 Track 4 on 'Noise'.

The Danish Sound Network hosts a day for everyone who works professionally with sound, audio or music. The program covers a range of subjects for example the sound of music, augmented hearing and ‘How the sounds of neighbors become noise’.

How sounds of neighbors become noise

The home shapes the base for most of us; it plays an existential role as a place to go out in the world from and redraw to. As sounds of neighbors seep through walls, ceilings and doors, they partake in shaping the home, and influence the inhabitant’s sense of homeliness, community, safety and health.

Based on findings from the research project 'What is neighbor noise?' this presentation will explore how the specific context of the home shapes inhabitants’ experiences of the sounds of others and point out tendencies as to why certain sounds are experienced as noise.

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