7. oktober 2015

More praise for Tine Gammeltoft´s book "Haunting Images"

Professor Tine Gammeltoft receives the Eileen Basker Memorial Prize for her book "Haunting Images". Professor Gammeltoft has also been awarded the AES Senior Book Prize for the book

Professor Tine Gammeltoft has already won several awards – the Boyer Prize and the AES Senior Book Prize – and much acclaim for her work on the ethical and human consequences of the widespread use of new technologies for selective reproduction in Vietnam.

On the 19th of November it was announced that Tine Gammeltoft is this year´s recipient of the Eileen Basker Memorial Prize, which is awarded annually by the Society for Medical Anthropology for a significant contribution to anthropological scholarship on gender and health by a scholar (or scholars) from any discipline or nation for a specific book, article, film, or exceptional PhD thesis. The Prize is awarded to the work judged to be the most courageous, significant, and potentially influential contribution to this area of scholarship.

When Professor Tine Gammeltoft published Haunting Images in 2014 it received wide acclaim as an extraordinarily powerful ethnography. The book received the prestigious AES Senior Book Prize in 2014.