27. november 2015

Udstilling med antropologisk islæt under COP21 i Paris

Adjunkt Stine Krøijer har bidraget til udstilling under COP21 i Paris, der viser, hvordan en skov ikke bare er en skov, men et komplekst samspil mellem natur, dyr og mennesker:

The Forest of Mirrors visually conveys what a forest is. The artwork establishes a dialog between radically different perceptions of forests, inviting the spectator to explore the forest as an ecology of multiple beings. The mirror becomes a window to a parallel forest.

The Forest of Mirrors aims at demonstrating how forests are products of relations between different beings, enticing the spectator to reflect upon ‘western’ perceptions of nature as an object of human exploitation or conservation, classification or measurement. In this sense, the installation is a comment on ongoing negotiations surrounding forests within the UNFCCC framework.

The Indigenous Peoples’ Pavilion, Climate Generations Space, COP21, Paris-Le Bourget.

The Pavilion is open daily from 9:00am - 7:30pm, 1 December - 11 December 2015, except for Sunday 6 December. 

The exhibition is financed by the European Union and Danish Arts Foundation


© anthropologist Stine Krøijer and photographer Mike Kollöffel