14. februar 2017

Antropologforeningen takes international turn

The 2020 Vision for Antropologforeningen seeks to more actively engage members and mobilize international networks. Several new kinds of “happy hours” also in the pipeline. Here you can read the full new 2020 vision for Antropologforeningen:


The central Danish forum for anthropological knowledge sharing and collaboration

When the new board took over in 2015, we were in a remarkable situation – the ambitious goals set out in the association’s 2015 Vision had to a large extent been achieved. We would like to honor this achievement by setting new ambitious goals. Whereas the 2015 Vision focused on greatly increasing our membership base and expanding our network of academic departments and organizations, the 2020 Vision seeks to more actively engage our membership, and mobilize networks beyond a Danish-speaking audience.

In short, Antropologforeningen is opening up and reaching out!

Emphasis on Collaboration

We are continuing our work as the central professional and social forum for anthropologists in Denmark, but now with a greater focus on establishing and strengthening international relations - both in terms of reaching out to the world abroad, but also in terms of reaching towards international anthropologists in Denmark. This means more events with an international focus and more events produced in collaboration with other organizations, various research institutions, and with our members. The principles of openness, collaboration, and international perspective will be our foundation as we embark on future projects and reach our goals.

International Perspective

As a part of this international turn, we will launch a website in both English and Danish. We will also be conducting more events in English, in addition to our ongoing series in Danish. This linguistic shift is not to be seen as one away from Danish. We insist on the importance of continuously developing a professional vocabulary in the language of the country in which we are situated. However, by working with several languages, we can bring Danish anthropology into a broader dialogue with anthropologists within and beyond the Danish borders. This linguistic expansion will not occur without consideration and dialogue; the shift will be initiated with a large seminar in which we will reflect on the importance of language and translation in anthropological research, conceptualization and theory.

Exciting New Events

As part of this emphasis on collaboration, there will be more events aimed at giving back to our members, allowing for greater and more interactive member engagement.

We will continue to have our current successful event series:

 1. Monografisk Happy Hour

2. Opportunistisk Happy Hour

But now adding two other events to the series:

3. Experimental Happy Hour

4. Happy Happy Hour

In the Experimental Happy Hour series we will reach out to our members and offer more unorthodox forms of academic anthropological knowledge communication and co-creation. Here we will provide a facilitating structure for non-board members to author events, that is “member-driven” events or “Happy Hour X” events.

The Happy Happy Hour event series aims to foster greater conviviality, strengthen professional networks, and increase opportunities for AiD members. These events will also strengthen AiD’s connection to its member base, resulting in a more social and self-governing organization.

We are going to have fun! See you there!