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Line Richter

Line Richter


My PhD project, with the working title "En route to El Dorado", is a study of the lives of undocumented Malian migrants and their quests to reach France. The project follows one of the primary migration paths of francophone West Africans in their journey towards Europe, and entails fieldwork in Mali, Algeria, Morocco and France. The aim of the project is to understand the prospects, positions and practices of undocumented Malian migrants as they move from country of origin, through points of transit and onwards to Europe. Many migrants spend years trying to reach Europe and many never make it. Instead they are stuck in transit, without the means to fulfil their dreams.

From September 2014 to March 2015 I am in Paris affiliated with l'École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales and conducting fieldwork. 

Supervisor: Henrik Vigh 

Primære forskningsområder

Migration, Mali, Maghreb, France

ID: 43835530