15. juli 2012

Book: "The Byways of the Poor"

Organizing Practices and Economic Control in the Developing World

By Neil Webster and Karsten Pærregaard (red.)

ISBN 978-87-635-3840-4

Two contrasting images typically represent “the poor” in development studies and practice. On the one hand, they are portrayed as those who do not have: deprivation is the quintessence of their identity, the definition of their being. The very notion of “poor” dooms the bearer to a subordinate, powerless status. Alternatively, they are idealistically depicted as thriving in solidarity, rich traditions, and true authentic experience - uncontaminated by capitalist ways of life and harmoniously linked to nature. An analysis of poverty requires stepping back from these stereotypical notions of the poor and examining the ways in which those identified as destitute deploy resources and act in pursuing their livelihoods.

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