29. august 2011

Special issue of "Social Analysis"

Introduction: "The Concern for Sociality, Practising Equality and Hierarchy in Denmark."

Maja Hojer Bruun, Gry Skrædderdal Jakobsen, Stine Krøijer

"Money can't buy me hygge: Danish middle-class consumption, egalitarianism and the sanctity of inner space"

Jeppe Trolle Linnet

"Consuming Leisure time – Landscapes of Infinite Horizons"

Mark Vacher

"Predicaments of Egalitarianism and ‘Community’: Proper Forms of Sharing and Being Together in Danish Housing Cooperatives and Danish Society"

Maja Hojer Bruun

"Autonomy and the Spaciousness of the Social: The Concern for Sociality in the Conflict between Ungdomshuset and Faderhuset in Denmark"

Stine Krøijer and Inger Sjørslev

"Home as a model for sociality in Danish children’s homes - A question of authenticity"

Susanne Højlund

"Children’s sociality: the ‘Civilizing’ Project in the Danish Kindergarten"

Karen Fog Olwig

"Drawing Back the Curtains: The Role of Domestic Space in the Social Inclusion and Exclusion of Refugees in Rural Denmark"

Birgitte Romme Larsen


Publisher: Berghahn Journals

Volume 55 - Issue 2 - Summer 2011

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