19. maj 2011

Special issue: "Social Analysis"

The International Journal of Cultural and Social Practice

Volume 54 - Issue 3 - Winter 2010 - "In the Event: Toward an Anthropology of Generic Moments" - edited by Lotte Meinert and Bruce Kapferer

This special issue of Social Analysis  is a follow-up to the PhD course "Situational analysis - from fieldwork to analysis" organized by the Danish Research School of Anthropology and Ethnography in 2008.

Several PhD students and postdocs from the Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen, have contributed to this Special Issue:

  • Bjarke Oxlund: ‘Burying the ANC': Post-apartheid Ambiguities at the University of Limpopo, South Africa.
  • Jonas Østergaard Nielsen: The Outburst: Climate Change, Gender Relations, and Situational Analysis
  • Mikkel Rytter: Events and Effects: Intensive Transnationalism among Pakistanis in Denmark
  • Anja Kublitz: The Cartoon Controversy: Creating Muslims in a Danish Setting
  • Stine Krøijer: Figurations of the Future: On the From and temporality of Protests among Left Radicals Activists in Europe
  • Morten Nielsen: Mimesis of the State: From Natural Disaster to Urban Citizenship on the Outskirts of Maputo, Mozambique

ISSN 0155-977X, Online ISSN: 1558-5727

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