5. december 2019

New publication: "Danish women put up with less" - Gender equality and the politics of denial in Denmark

Atreyee Sen, Henrik Hvenegaard and Marie Leine, The Department of Anthropology, recently contributed to the journal 'European Journal of Women's Studies'  with the new publication: 'Danish women put up with less' - Gender equality and the politics of denial in Denmark

In the article the authors describe a discursive space following a EU report,  that ranked Denmark as the EU-member country with the highest occurrence of physical violence towards women. The authors describe, that the reactions to the report in the media were generally characterized by skepticism regarding the study’s comparative scope, and it was argued that 'Danish women put up with less'—and that the report was, in effect, invalid.

The authors behind the new publication argue that the ideology of gender equality comes to construct a dominant discourse, which silences symptoms of inequality - and thereby, gendered violence in Denmark is rendered invisible in public awareness.

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