9. maj 2018

Does science have borders?

Professor of Anthropology Oscar Salemink has contributed to the Vietnamese science magazine Tía Sáng (Ray of Light) with the article 'Does Science have borders?' In the article, Oscar Salemink asks the question whether a common social science and humanities knowledge is possible and necessary.

The framework for this article is a fairly common notion in Vietnam that “Vietnam is different,” and that therefore international scientific conventions and standards do not apply in Vietnam. Science has borders which, unfortunately, usually inhibit rather than promote our common understanding of humanity’s common problems: borders between countries, between languages and vocabularies, between epistemologies and styles, and between scientists and publics. Crossing, transgressing, and taking down such borders would help both science and society. There are many borders to cross, and scholars should help cross these borders rather than erect borders.

Oscar Salemink, Does science have borders? (Liệu có ranh giới trong khoa học?), Tía Sáng (Ray of Light), Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, Spring 2018.