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08. juni 2017

Doctoral studentship in the Study of Religion

Description of the project 
The doctoral project will be carried out within the research project 'The relocation of transcendence: silence and the sacred nature of the seculars at the Swedish university; Södertörn University. Associate Professor Cecilie Rubow from Department of Anthropology here at UCPH participates in the research project as well.
The project is ethnographic and approaches the sacralisation of nature among Danes, Swedes and Estonians. It hypothesises that the transcendence and the existential depth that before was sought and believed to be present in the Christian church, for many, has been relocated to the nature outside the urban centres. Although this relocation is observable, it is also conspicuously unarticulated and previous research has shown that many feel reluctant to describe whatever it is they experiences in nature with words. The project approaches this area of silence by means of ethnographic fieldwork in three sites where mainstream people go to experience nature. The ambition for the project is to further our understanding and to contribute to the theorizing of one of the most prominent cultural features of the Baltic Sea region: secularisation and sacralisation of nature. 

Description of The Study of Religions
The doctoral student will be linked to the Study of Religions at Södertörn University which constitutes a vivid environment with strong international connections. Research here is primarily focused on contemporary issues, not least within Islam, Christianity and secular societies.

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Application deadline: 2017-06-07